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Studying at Bath

Belong at Bath

在AG学习意味着加入AG充满活力的多元文化学生社区, friendly campus in a historic city.

AG是一所能够帮助你成功的大学,无论你来自哪里. We're ranked highly 综合表现,学生满意度和毕业生就业.

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Improve your employability


Two-thirds of our students choose to do a placement 或者出国留学,通过现实世界的经验来帮助他们为职业生涯做好准备.


Making an impact

Shaping and informing the direction of research

AG世界领先的研究正在改善人们的生活,改变世界. AG的企业和创新提供科学和经济影响,造福当地社区, nationally, and internationally. We engage with the public, policy-makers, charities, and businesses to inform new research directions.

AG的博士学院支持博士研究人员,帮助发展AG的 research strategy.

Supporting the community

Working with the community

AG的员工和学生都与AG及其周围的社区密切相关, 包括与社区团体的合作以及与当地组织的合作.

We support local students to prepare for their future, 与他们的学校和大学合作,鼓励他们继续深造和从事职业.

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Reducing our environmental impact

AG正在通过合乎道德的食品采购来减少对环境的影响, waste management, generating our own sustainable energy, 并提高员工和学生如何提供帮助的意识. We work with the local community, industry, public sector bodies and third sector organisations, 以支持向净零碳经济的过渡.


Working at Bath

Be part of a vibrant and innovative community

AG的员工在创建大学的学术和专业团体方面至关重要, AG重视在全球商业关系网中与他人合作, the professions, the public, and the voluntary sectors.

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Collaborating with us

Research partnerships

Our research partnerships support the delivery of our research, 从国家合作到AG的洲际研究网络. AG因应业界的需要,配合大学的战略目标,并致力建立长远的关系, mutually beneficial relationships.

Collaborate with us 并努力在学术界、商界和社会产生影响.



25 November 2021



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